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Applying for a public charger

Can I apply for a public charge point in my city or town? This differs per municipality. Not all municipalities have yet drawn up a policy for supporting residents in obtaining charging infrastructure for their electric cars. There are, however, a number of common rules that many municipalities check. These are the conditions for requesting […]

Requesting a charge card

To request a Blue Corner charge card in the EVA-platform, please follow these steps: Navigate to the ‘Administration’ tab. Click on ‘Requests’ on the left hand side navigation bar. Click on the button ‘New request’, in the top right corner. A pop-up will open. Click on ‘Request a charge card’. The platform will generate your […]

Requests tab

The Requests tab is what you use to communicate with Blue Corner. Here you can request one or more new charge passes and submit new support requests. To request a charge card: Click on the ‘New request’ button at the top right. A pop-up window will appear. Click on ‘Request a new charge card’. The […]

The charging history tab

In this tab, you will be able to consult an in-depth history of charging.  Using the fields next to the ‘charging history’ label you will be able to:   Filter on a certain token. Tokens are the charging card ID’s. You can enter a search term by typing in the search field. Type ‘enter’ or […]

Monitor and manage charger consumption

Dashboard The dashboard is the go to screen to monitor your charge park consumption quickly. In the top left section you will find a visualization of your electricity consumption and averages.  You can navigate to more in depth data by clicking on the icons.    Administration > Chargers Click on the  ‘Administration’ tab and click […]

User roles: Explained

On EVA, user roles have been divided into 2 categories:   1. Fleet managers / Administrators All users who have permission to set-up, edit and manage other users (drivers) in their organisation. They are allowed to make financial decisions (ex: reimbursement, charging prices, etc)  and set up charging cards and chargers accordingly.  Types of Blue […]

Setting up an account

Your user role will define how your account will be set up.   All Fleet Managers / Administrators will create their accounts themselves or will be sent an invitation email by Blue Corner.     Drivers/Users will receive an invitation email to EVA. This invitation is managed by the Fleet Manager above them.    Setting an […]